My name is Shantelle. I am a birth doula, yoga teacher, a mom, partner and mentor to budding Soul-preneurs!

I offer yoga classes, birth support and business coaching to everyone, everywhere virtually and in person to those in Spruce Grove and surrounding areas.

What brought me to Birth Work?

Going through the birthing process with my own children is what sparked my passion for this path. I realized that birth is not something to be feared, that it is a unique experience like no other that allows us to transcend the barriers of our own limitations and with the right support, it can be both empowering and humbling. 

I became pregnant for the first time in 2014 and this birth shifted everything! I knew I’d have to face the labor and birth aspect of my pregnancy sooner or later so I forced myself to look at my fears head on by watching birth videos, attending workshops led by doulas and birth educators and fully embracing what eventually became a full fledged passion! After experiencing first hand how empowering a birth can be I decided to take it to the next level when I discovered I was pregnant with my second baby in 2017. I had been teaching yoga since 2013 and decided to take a prenatal/expecting couples/mom and baby yoga training to help deepen my understanding of the physical body so I could safely continue to practice and teach other expecting/new parents during this time. Shortly after, I took the DONA international doula training and studied yoga for the pelvic floor as a way to complement my yoga classes, but it ended up inspiring me to bring all my wisdom to the table as a birth worker. I fell in love with this path after supporting my first family through their birth journey.

The birthing process is such an extraordinary experience, it takes a great deal of strength and softness to endure gracefully. This is what I intend to bring with me to each and every birth: Strength for when extra support and encouragement are needed and a softness for when tenderness and nurturing is what's most necessary. There is nothing quite like bearing witness to the wild, raw beauty that the birth parent/s move through to bring a new tiny human into the world!

My experience in shifting my perspective from one of fear to one of curiosity led me to unlock the wisdom that existed beyond it. This wisdom is what I would love to share with you.

Yoga Teacher Training:

200hr Holistic YTT March, 2013 

85hr Prenatal/Couples/Baby & Me YTT May, 2018

Physio Yoga for the Pelvic Floor February, 2020

Birth Doula Training:
DONA January, 2019

My Philosophy

I believe that respect and support can make every birth experience better - transformational even.

This experience has been known to be remembered for decades in great detail by those who go through it, so why not do everything in our power to make it as peaceful as possible?

I also believe that yoga is the perfect practice to prepare for the birthing process. Familiarizing yourself with breathing techniques and physical postures will help you feel much more at ease with them during labor and birth. Yoga is also great for the postpartum period, helping calm the mind and body, stretching, toning and bonding with baby!

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