Doula Support Packages

Virtual Hybrid & Self study options

Virtual Babymoon Retreat

Join me LIVE via zoom for this one of a kind virtual retreat!
You will also have access to pre recorded material in this unique hybrid experience. This small group retreat includes:

-A Childbirth Education Class.

-Birth & Postpartum plan templates.

-A Birth Prep Workshop complete with prenatal partner yoga incorporating breath & comfort measures for labor & birth PLUS Thai massage & Reflexology techniques for enhanced relaxation. 

-Inner Child connection exercises.

-The opportunity to notice, nourish & release any old patterns or past wounds that you no longer wish to carry into this new beginning with the support of a releasing fire ceremony. 

-Guided meditations to help you get clear on what your heart is calling forth from this birth experience.

-Additional resources and support added to the private facebook group created for the retreat participants.

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Birth Like a Boss online workshop:

Empower your birth experience with breath techniques, comfort measures and a partner yoga class.

We will go through the different stages and phases of the birthing process and what can be done during each one.

Inspire confidence between you and your birth partner by practicing some of the most effective breathing techniques and physical comfort measures to help ease your mind and body through each surge.

Learn simple and effective ways to help you through your birth experience in this short yet concise workshop, you will have access to a Childbirth Education Class & a Prenatal Partner Yoga class that incorporates your new skills so you have a fun way to practice!

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Everything BUT the Birth Virtual Package

This package is perfect for those who would rather have all the information and guidance a doula can provide before and after the birth but would like to birth with their support person and medical team only. 

Includes up to 2 prenatal virtual visits to discover your birth preferences & practice hands on comfort measures plus 1 virtual visit after baby is born to answer any questions you may have and/or to refer you to a qualified professional. You will also receive access to a pre-recorded childbirth education class + both the Prenatal and Mom & Baby Yoga series (8 Classes in total)

This package also includes unlimited contact with me during weekdays.

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Investment $349

In Person Support



The Whole Doula Package

Phone, Email & In Person Support 

I am here to help with any questions or concerns. Once you have chosen me as your doula, I will be available via phone, text, email and video chat throughout your pregnancy and into the postpartum period. I will provide in person support whenever possible during our hands on comfort techniques visit, the labor and birth as well as the follow up visit one week after baby is born.

2 Prenatal Visits 

I provide two prenatal visits so we can go over any questions, assess any concerns, discover your birth preferences and practice hands on comfort measures & breathing techniques to utilize during your labor & birth experience. These visits will be in the comfort of your own home.

Access to a Childbirth Education Class.

You will also receive all the content covered in the Birth Like A Boss Workshop.

During labor 

I will be there to support you throughout your labor until after baby arrives and you are settled in together nicely. I can assist with initial breastfeeding, helping with position and latch.

Postpartum follow-up visit 

I provide one follow up visit after baby is born to reconnect with you and to see how the transition with baby is going.

You will also receive access to pre-recorded Prenatal Yoga and Baby & Me yoga classes ~ 8 in total.


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Investment $800 

Baby Holding Parent

What brought me to Birth Work?

Going through the birthing process with my own children is what sparked my passion for this path. I realized that birth is not something to be feared, that it is a unique experience like no other that allows us to transcend the barriers of our own limitations and with the right support, it can be both empowering and humbling. 

I became pregnant for the first time in 2014 and this birth shifted everything! I knew I’d have to face the labor and birth aspect of my pregnancy sooner or later so I forced myself to look at my fears head on by watching birth videos, attending workshops led by doulas and birth educators and fully embracing what eventually became a full fledged passion! After experiencing first hand how empowering a birth can be I decided to take it to the next level when I discovered I was pregnant with my second baby in 2017. I had been teaching yoga since 2013 and decided to take a prenatal/expecting couples/mom and baby yoga training to help deepen my understanding of the physical body so I could safely continue to practice and teach other expecting/new parents during this time. Shortly after, I took the DONA international doula training and studied yoga for the pelvic floor as a way to complement my yoga classes, but it ended up inspiring me to bring all my wisdom to the table as a birth worker. I fell in love with this path after supporting my first family through their birth journey.

The birthing process is such an extraordinary experience, it takes a great deal of strength and softness to endure gracefully. This is what I intend to bring with me to each and every birth: Strength for when extra support and encouragement are needed and a softness for when tenderness and nurturing is what's most necessary. There is nothing quite like bearing witness to the wild, raw beauty that the birth parent/s move through to bring a new tiny human into the world!

My experience in shifting my perspective from one of fear to one of curiosity led me to unlock the wisdom that existed beyond it. This wisdom is what I would love to share with you.

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Yoga Teacher Training:

200hr Holistic YTT March, 2013 

85hr Prenatal/Couples/Baby & Me YTT May, 2018

Physio Yoga for the Pelvic Floor February, 2020

Birth Doula Training:
DONA January, 2019

My Philosophy

I believe that respect and support can make every birth experience better - transformational even.

This experience has been known to be remembered for decades in great detail by those who go through it, so why not do everything in our power to make it as peaceful as possible?

I also believe that yoga is the perfect practice to prepare for the birthing process. Familiarizing yourself with breathing techniques and physical postures will help you feel much more at ease with them during labor and birth. Yoga is also great for the postpartum period, helping calm the mind and body, stretching, toning and bonding with baby!



Great value! This package is exactly what I now know would have been perfect to have before the birth of our first child. It gives you exactly the information you need as a birth partner in clear, easy to understand instructions. Along with a great step by step set of instructions comes videos that really help to solidify the new information. Highly recommended for first time and veteran birth partners alike.


                                                    Paul.M. ~(Birth Like A Boss online Workshop)

Highly recommended, very informative! Throughout the course, I was very relaxed. I loved learning  about all the different breathing techniques which will help me in labour/delivery. 


                                                   Shania.H. ~(Birth Like A Boss online Workshop)

I am so glad I came across Shantelle and her wealth of knowledge for all things birth & beyond! Her course was very informative and easy to digest and implement into my birth plan.

Many of the techniques & strategies I learned I was able to implement with success during the birth of my first baby just a few weeks ago:-) 

I highly recommend working with Shantelle - she is so passionate about what she teaches and cares deeply for each and every one of her clients! 


                                                       Christine R. ~(Birth Like A Boss online Workshop)

Shantelle is an amazing doula and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for nurturing support and encouragement before, during and post-birth. I've also attended her yoga classes and she is a truly gifted teacher with an uplifting presence.


                                                       Krista D. ~(Doula client/Yoga Student)

Shantelle coached me through my 3rd birth. I thought I had it all figured out, but she gave me a few pointers that changed everything for me when I was in the thick of it. As a result, it was the smoothest delivery I've had. My baby boy was born with minimal tearing and the recovery was so smooth because of her advice and care. Her presence at the birth was also very comfortable for me and my family. Super caring and helpful. I am beyond grateful she was there.


                                                       Catherine I. ~(Doula Client)

Shantelle has the most beautiful and passionate energy to be around. I have been to many of her prenatal yoga classes, and have gone to her with prenatal questions/feelings. She is extremly knowledgable, peaceful, and welcoming. I feel so blessed to have met her. She is such an important and amazing connection to have!


                                                       Ashley C. ~(Yoga student/Doula Client)

What does a Doula do?

*Provide Physical, Emotional & Informational support

I will provide evidence based information as well as emotional and physical support whenever possible. Performing any clinical tasks is for your health care provider.

*Support Your Choices 

It's your birth, your way. I am here to help you understand your options & to support your informed decisions.

*Support & Encourage you as you Advocate for your birth

I can help you create a list of relevant questions to ask of your care provider to ensure they are a great fit or if you need clarification of any of their choices.

*Hold space for your unique birth experience

Holding space is a term used often in yoga, it means to bring your entire presence to a situation or person - to be sharing their journey without judgement. You guide your birth, I will simply support you wholeheartedly with whatever you choose.

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