Soulful Business Coaching

I have been an entrepreneur since becoming a yoga teacher in 2013. I was definitely a reluctant entrepreneur at first - discovering that yoga teachers are paid as contractors & that I needed to set up my own business, create my own invoices, keep track of my expenses and taxes felt overwhelming!  It felt like a lot of work that I had to navigate somehow in order to share my passion for yoga and get paid for it.

This embracing of the uncomfortable and trusting that I could do what was needed is what started my journey down the soulpreneur path, leading me to where I am today - fully self employed in my soul-led businesses as a yoga teacher, birth doula, and soulful business coach! 

I get to work with ambitious, heart centered, creatives who would like to grow their soul-led businesses with the wisdom I have accumulated over the years to support them, catapulting their lives into greater abundance while remaining anchored in Love and Freedom.

Together we will explore and reinforce your limitless capacity for eternal love & worthiness, money mindsets, structure & scheduling for success, setting up & registering your business, expanding your social reach and selling your offers with more ease to those who want it most + customized business development with all the techy information to get you on the road to more impact and abundance!
If you have a valuable gift to share with the world and are ready to take the next steps to creating the life of your dreams with personal 1:1 support, then book a free discovery call with me by filling out the intake form below ~ Let's discover if we are a match!

**I currently have one space left available for 1:1 business coaching starting in March 2021**

Yoga, Birth and Beyond

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